At home

Juan and Julia just married. Although they have received many presents, they wanted to have a piece that would simbolize the beginning of this special moment. Juan thought a casket would fit perfectly with his taste for Renaissance (as he is an architect), and that would no doubt appeal to Julia, who works at the company that provides us the gems. More pieces and ideas.

The legacy

Miguel will be 90 years old soon and wants to celebrate with family and friends. He prefers to make his beloved ones happy, rather than expecting any gifts. He prefers to enjoy unforgettable moments with the people he loves and share with them his passion for arts, for beauty, for life... and hopes this will stay in their memories.
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The celebration

Gabriel and Ana wanted to give their eight-year-old son a special, unique and touching gift on the day of his first communion. We thought that a cross inspired by a bamboo branch, symbolizing strength and flexibility, is what best represented what they wanted for their child. More pieces and ideas.

The gift

Anthropologist Levi Strauss stated that giving a gift is a bi-directional act. The gift is addressed to the receiver, but the giver is making an act of expression when choosing and giving the present. Claudia and Mercedes came to us because they wanted a common gift. After visiting us, they both called us separately, showing interest in our coconut jewelry box. They both wanted to give each other this same piece.

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Life is a beautiful journey that brings us special moments when we encounter the ones we love, our familiy and friends, the birth of a new life... Even in the most difficult situations we can show gratitude. We want to share life with you More pieces and ideas.